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Alternative Education

AP: Advanced Placement + Honors, Accelerated Courses

AVID  a rigorous, college-readiness program that supports determined students in becoming AP, college-ready

Biomedical Science Pathway    a four-year sequence of Science courses for students interested in biomedical careers   

College Bound Brotherhood  program that connects African-American male students with college-readiness programs and school district resources   
College Bound Hayward    college-readiness program coordinated by HUSD

Early Academic Outreach Program (EAOP)  college-preparatory advising and academic enrichment opportunities for underrepresented students

Engineering    a four-year sequence of Engineering courses for students interested in Engineering careers 

English Language Learners (ELL)  Support classes and services for students who speak another language and are working towards English proficiency

Educational Talent Search (ETS)  college-preparatory advising designed to motivate and support low-income, first-generation students to graduate from high school and continue on to a post-secondary school

Farmers to Pioneers  college pipeline program for HHS students to enter CSUEB

Hayward Promise Neighborhood free resources and programs funded by a five-year federally funded grant awarded to the Jackson Triangle community of Hayward, includes Drop Out Prevention Services.

Pipeline to College (P2C)    


Regional Occupation Program (ROP)

Summer Search


Youth Enrichment Program (YEP)