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Apply to AVID

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AVID supports all students

AVID isn't just for students enrolled in the AVID electives.  AVID actively supports school-wide reform and activities that promote a college-going culture for all.

AVID FAQ for Staff

AVID is a rigorous, college-readiness program that supports determined students in becoming AP, college-ready.  AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination.

Current Students

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Sarah Bautista
AVID 11th Grade Teacher
AVID Coordinator
Room B-5
(510) 723-3170
Ext. 61222


Scott Buros
AVID 10th & 12th Grade Teacher
Room A-24
(510) 723-3170
Ext. 61215


Tom Lipping
AVID 9th Grade Teacher
Room A-27
(510) 723-3170
Ext. 61218


Paul Gonsalves
AVID Counselor
(510) 723-3170
Ext:  61142


Waylon Miller
Assistant Principal
Ext. 61104
(510) 723-3170

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