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Welcome to the Farmers Cheerleading Page!

2018 - 2019 Varsity Cheerleaders & Coach Sanchez


FAQ - Varsity & JV Cheer Squad


Summer Cheerleading Camps:

  • It will be mandatory for all cheerleaders to attend Cheer Camp 


  • Summer practice will be held Mondays - Thursdays (TBD - Summer)
  • There will be NO cheerleading practice on: (TBD - Summer) Please plan all vacations during this time period when there are no practices. Cheerleaders will NOT be excused from practice for vacations during practice times.
  • During Football Season:
    • Cheerleading practices will be held from Monday from  4:00pm - 6:00pm, Wednesday & Thursday from 3:00pm - 5:00pm. 
    • Study hall is every Tuesday 
  • During Basketball Season:
    • Cheerleading practices will be (TBD - coming soon)
  • The coach may call additional practices or extend practice times if needed (advanced notice will be given so that transportation can be arranged).
  • The coach MUST be notified before practice if you will be out. Sending word with another cheerleader or not calling is NOT acceptable.


  • Cheerleaders are selected to represent all sports designated by the coach and/or school administration.
  • Cheerleaders are expected to be leaders, not followers. 
  • Cheerleaders are to be exemplary citizens and school representatives.
  • Cheerleaders are to accept all responsibilities assigned by the coach, captain or school official without comment or complaint.
  • Cheerleaders are to be pleasant, respectful, courteous, and considerate of the members of their own squad, their captains, and their coaches.
  • Cheerleaders are expected to work daily during the season to improve their skills and be an asset to the team.
  • Cheerleaders must be present in all class periods to be able to participate in any function that day.
  • Cheerleaders are expected to participate in all practices, games and performances. If an absence is necessary, it must be approved by the coach BEFORE the absence occurs. Not all absences that are approved will be considered excused. Any unexcused absence may result in a suspension from an upcoming performance, and/or game.
  • Cheerleaders are expected to keep above a 2.0 GPA!
  • All fundraising is MANDATORY for all members of the cheerleading squad. If a cheerleader chooses not to participate, he/she must personally pay the amount of profit that fundraiser generated per cheerleader.


Nancy Sanchez
Head Coach
Ext. 61122


Kimm Ware
Administrative Coach
Ext. 61204

Coach Ware and Coach Sanchez
Coach Ware and Coach Sanchez