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Advanced Placement (AP), Honors (H) and Accelerated (Acc)

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Advanced Placement (AP), Honors (H) and Accelerated (Acc) courses allow students the opportunity to take the most rigorous courses available in preparation for collegiate studies.  Learn about the differences between these advanced levels as well as courses that require a contract and/or summer work by viewing the chart below.

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  College Prep


Advanced Placement
Community College Concurrent Enrollment
Qualifies for A-G credit Yes Yes Yes Yes Usually Yes if IGETC
Offered in grades 9, 10, 11, 12 9, 10 10, 11, 12 10, 11, 12 9, 10, 11, 12
(extra GPA point awarded for C or better)
No No Yes Yes Yes if IGETC
College credit awarded at most colleges for passing AP exam in May with 3+ n/a n/a n/a Yes Usually Yes
Summer work required (please see below) No Sometimes Sometimes Usually No
Contract required No Sometimes Sometimes Yes view forms

Who to Contact

Andrea Hayes
Assistant Principal
HHS AP Coordinator
ext. 61105

Paul Gonsalves
HHS AP Support Coordinator
ext. 61142

Alison Parsons
HHS National Math & Science Initiative (NMSI) Grant Coordinator

AP Books.jpg

AP Study Sessions  National Math & Science Initiative (AP Grant)

The National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI) has partnered with HUSD to provide AP Math, Science and English students with 3 content specific and test strategy study sessions before the AP exams in May. These study sessions will be available for the following AP classes: Statistics, Calculus, Computer Science, English 11, English 12, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

As you may know, the AP exam (per class) is $94, so participation in this program will help make these test more financially accessible because students who participate in the study sessions will be given $47 toward each of their AP tests. 



Please note each session is from 8:30a-12:30p and sessions are held at different schools.

English – held at Hayward High School

Session 1: November 2

Session 2: February 1

Session 3: March 21


Math – held at Mt Eden High School

Session 1: November 9

Session 2: February 8

Session 3: March 28


Science – held at Tennyson High School

Session 1: November 16

Session 2: February 22

Session 3: April 4


Registration Deadline and Registration Links  for Study Sessions


Session 1: Registration Deadline 10/3

AP English 12 - Literature November 2 Registration Link

AP English 11 - Language November 2 Registration Link


Session 2: Registration Deadline  1/1

AP English 12 - Literature February 1    Registration Link

AP English 11 - Language February 1  Registration Link


Session 3: Registration Deadline 2/21

AP English 12 - Literature March 21 Registration Link

AP English 11 - Language March 21 Registration Link



Session 1: Registration Deadline 10/10

AP Calculus A/B November 9 Registration Link    

AP Statistics November 9 Registration Link  

AP Computer Science November 9 Registration Link


Session 2: Registration Deadline 1/8

AP Calculus A/B February 8 Registration Link    

AP Statistics February 8 Registration Link  

AP Computer Science February 8 Registration Link 


Session 3: Registration Deadline 2/28

AP Calculus A/B March 28 Registration Link  

AP Statistics March 28 Registration Link

AP Computer Science March 28 Registration Link 



Session 1: Registration Deadline 10/17

AP Biology November 16 Registration Link  

AP Chemistry November 16 Registration Link     


Session 2: Registration Deadline 1/22

AP Biology February 22 Registration Link

AP Chemistry February 22 Registration Link  

AP Physics February 22 Registration Link


Session 3: Registration Deadline 3/4

AP Biology April 4 Registration Link

AP Chemistry April 4 Registration Link  

AP Physics April 4 Registration Link