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Syllabus 2018-2019




The Hayward High community will develop students and graduates to be:

Focused learners
Analytical thinkers 
Responsible and respectful citizens
Mindful collaborators
Effective communicators  
Resourceful users of technology 
Self-advocating individuals

Lynda Canales

Welcome Parents and Students:

This year organization is key.  Each student will need a planner to keep track of assignments.  Please review planner and assignments daily.   In high school, it is not enough to just complete assignments and turn them in.  To obtain a grade that both parents and students are proud of, standards of quality must be met.

Daily attendance and bringing required materials to class is also imperative.  New skills and texts are constantly introduced and practiced.  Students need materials to take notes, practice skills, and complete final assignments.  Here is a list of required materials.

Required  Materials

  • #2 Pencils
  • Ink Pens (blue or black ink)
  • Correction Fluid or Tape
  • Notebook (Spiral or Bound)
  • College Ruled Binder Paper (White)
  • Novel (for SSR)

Grading Policy & Scale

Students will be graded according to an accumulation of points.  Points will be earned based on the quality of completed assignments.  At the end of each grading period, the total number of points earned will be added, and then divided by the number of points possible to reach a percentage.  This will determine the final grade.

Grading Scale:

100% - 95% =     A                    72% - 68% =     C-

 90% - 94% =     A-                    67% - 65% =     D+

 89% - 88% =     B+                   64% - 60% =     D

 87% - 83% =     B                     59% - 55% =     D-

 82% - 80% =     B-                    54% - 0%   =     F

 79% - 78% =     C+

 77% - 73% =     C

I look forward to having a fantastic year!  If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to check in, the best way to  contact me is via email .

teaching schedule: normal days
Monday, Tuesday & Friday
Period 0   7:10-8:05  English 9 Acc P
Period 1    8:15-9:13     Prep
Period 2    9:20-10:18  AVID 9
Period 3   10:40-11:45  English 9 Acc P
Period 4   10:52-12:50  English 9 P
Lunch      12:50-1:20  Lunch
Period 5   1:27-2:25  English 9 Acc P
Period 6    2:32-3:30  No class
teaching schedule: block days
Wednesday Thursday    
Period 0   7:10-8:05  English 9 Acc P Period 0   7:10-8:05  English 9 Acc P
Period 1    8:15-10:00  Prep Period 2   8:15-10:00  AVID 9
Period 3  10:22-12:14  English 9 Acc P Period 4  10:22 12:14  English 9 P
Lunch     12:14-12:44  Lunch Lunch     12:14-12:44  Lunch
Period 5    12:51-2:36  English 9 Acc P Period 6  12:51-2:36  No class


2014-06-24 06.29.27.jpg

Lynda Canales
English/Avid Teacher
Room A-25
Ext.  61216
(510) 723-3170

The best way to get in contact with me is e-mail.



At HHS, I'm part of: English & AVID Departments

College(s): SDSU; CSUH 

Subjects Taught: English & AVID


Anecdotal information: I grew up in Oakland, CA and graduated from Oakland High School. I spent most of my teaching career in San Francisco where I met my husband who, I've been happily married to for 25 years. We have two children; a son in college and a daughter who recently graduated from college. 

Previous schools where I taught: Lilienthal (K-8); Horace Mann Middle; Winton Middle; and Tennyson High 

Professional Associations: CTA / NEA

Favorite Quote: Life is not just about the destination. Enjoy the journey!