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HHS Expected School-Wide Learning Results (ESLRS)

The Hayward High community will develop students and graduates to be:

Focused learners
Analytical thinkers 
Responsible and respectful citizens
Mindful collaborators
Effective communicators  
Resourceful users of technology 
Self-advocating individuals  
Ed Code 48904 Replacing Lost Materials






a)      (1)  Notwithstanding Section 1714.1 of the Civil Code, the parent or guardian of any minor whose willful misconduct results in injury of death to any pupil or any person employed by, or performing volunteer services for, a school district or private school or who willfully cuts, defaces, or otherwise injures in any way any property, real or personal, belonging to a school district or private school, or personal property of any school employee, shall be liable for all damages so caused by the minor.  The liability of the parent or guardian shall not exceed ten thousand dollars ($10,000).  The parent of guardian shall also be liable for the amount of any reward not exceeding the thousand dollars ($10,000) paid pursuant to Section 53069.5 of the Government Code.  The parent or guardian of a minor shall be liable to a school district or private school for all property belonging to the school district or private school loaned to the minor and not returned upon demand of an employee of the district or private school authorized to make the demand.

      (2)  The Superintendent of Public Instruction shall compute an adjustment of the liability limits prescribed by this subdivision at a rate equivalent to the percentage change in the Implicit Price Deflator for State and Local States, as published by the United States Department of Commerce for the 12-month period ending in the third quarter of the prior fiscal year.

(b)       (1)  Any school district, private school whose real or personal property has been willfully cut, defaced, or otherwise injured, or whose property is loaned to a pupil and willfully not returned upon demand of an employee of the district or private school authorized to make the demand may, after affording the pupil his or her due process rights, withhold the grades, diploma, and transcripts of the pupil responsible for the damage until the pupil or the pupil’s parent or guardian has paid for the damages thereto, as provided in subdivision (a).

      (2)  The School District or private school shall notify the parent or guardian of the pupil in writing of the pupil’s alleged misconduct before withholding the pupil’s grades, diploma, or transcripts pursuant to this subdivision.  When the minor and parent are unable to pay for the damages, or to return the property, the school district or private school shall provide a program of voluntary work for the minor in lieu of the payment of monetary damages.  Upon completion of the voluntary work, the grades, diploma, and transcripts of the pupil shall be released.

      (3)  The governing board of each school district or governing busy of each private school shall establish rules and regulations governing procedures for the implementation of this subdivision.  The procedures shall conform to, but are not necessarily limited to; those procedures established in this code for the expulsion of pupils.

Sally Gandarella

Don't forget to keep your school ID with you at all times!

Especially during the first weeks of school.

You will need it to check out your text books, novels and readers for your high school course studies.


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Bookroom Hours:

During Covid Shelter In Place

Office Hours vary

Please email to arrange appointment for any needed textbooks

                                  Your file!

                             Need to see what books you have checked out?

    Go to

    Click on Library System

    Click on Hayward High

    Click on LOG IN

    and enter your school ID# in the username space

    and your last name in Password space


    This will show you what you have checked out in your name and the due date.

    If you lost a text book the price is also noted, however please check with Ms Sally as some texts can be purchased for a lesser amount.

    You can pay for a lost text book in cash in the book room.

    Check book room hours 


    Seniors graduating: your diploma will be held until all texts are returned or paid for, including fines owed for AVID, ASB and PE.

    After graduation you may pay for your outstanding items in the book room and receive your diploma then.

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    Ms. Sally Gandarela
    School Business Assistant

    Bookroom Technician

    (510) 723-3170
    Ext 61409

    The best way to get in contact with me is e-mail. 

    At HHS, I'm part of: the classified staff

    Degree(s): AA Degree in Business/Childhood Education

    Other  credentials : Accredited Site Supervisor

    Born: In California!

    I grew up in: the bay area

    I attended high school at: Pacific High School 

    City and State: San Leandro, CA

    Hobbies include: Keeping track of my kids, watching movies, reading and going to A's games!

    Favorite Quote: "Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.” Dr. Seuss