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hhs expected school-wide learning results (eslrs)

The Hayward High community will develop students and graduates to be:

Focused learners
Analytical thinkers

Responsible and respectful citizens
Mindful collaborators
Effective communicators
Resourceful users of technology
Self-advocating individuals

Smita Kumar Locker
10/17/12 9:36 AM
10/15/19 5:30 AM

Smita Kumar

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What is your musical motivation jam?  What song inspires you to keep going when you feel like giving up?  Choose a song, write a paragraph about why it inspires you, giving evidence and reasoning to back up your opinion.  First, write it up on a google doc, then turn the paragraph and a link to your song on this Google form. 



Click here to see the grading criteria and a sample paragraph.



40 points for this assignment 


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Share with


Create a Quizlet with 35 terms from the ATOD unit. Choose from any of the Vocabulary word from this unit. 


OTC and Prescription 


Illegal Drugs 








BLOG PAGE - Add a new page about progress on your Freshman year. Reflect about progress on goals, experience in classes, positive/negative events that have occurred in your life. Include a paragraph about what you would like to accomplish in the next 7 weeks. 


Remember to use SMART goals when creating a goal! 


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40 points for this assignment 


Once completed, add a new page on your google website and add this assignment from your google drive. 


Name the page "Your body on Drugs" copy and paste your information from the webquest on your page. 



Today you will do research and learn about drug classifications. You will define and collect information about each in the document and then copy and paste the completed assignment to your Google Site under " Your body on Drugs" page. 


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Create a Quizlet for Fitness Exam

Click here for the list of Vocabulary. 


Use Textbook pages to find definitions. 



Create a Quizlet about Nutrition Vocabulary terms

Today you will be creating a quizlet review, which will help you practice Nutrition Terminology. You will need to create an account on


Use the links:


Nutrition Vocabulary and Study Guide - Quizlet must include 20 of these 33 terms  

Nutrition Study Guide-make a copy and type in answers  (some have a worksheet in their binder) 

Nutrition Healthy Nutrition Fact Sheet  and Dietary guidelines Fact sheet - use to define vocabulary and answer study guide questions 




You may use a half sheet cheat sheet on the test tomorrow/Thursday. 


How to sign up for Quizlet:

Obtain a Quizlet account by selecting Sign Up on the Quizlet homepage, or going  directly to the signup page.

If your students use Google Apps for Education or Gmail, they can sign up using their Google username and password by selecting Sign up with Google.




Create a Healthy Meal

Create a Healthy Meal

Budget Project

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Congratulations, you are about to do some research on what it will cost for the life you want to live! 


You are about to embark on a very exciting life completely of your making. Unfortunately, the math that you thought you left behind in the classroom is still going to come in handy!


Extra Credit- Set aside about 30 minutes to sit and talk to your family members (grandparents, uncles, or other adult in your life). Tell them about this project and ask them to talk about your family budget. What other areas do they have to spend money on that we did not include in this project? Write down some interesting information that you found out by talking to your parents. (Hint, there should be a wealth of information to choose from and you should be able to write quite a few sentences!) Insert this information into your slide presentation. 


First you will need to pick a career that interests you. You may pick  a job from your career insert survey. 


Keep in mind that you have no experience in your career so your salary will be the lowest offered. You will use search engines to explore all real jobs and housing that is available. 


Once you are ready to start your life, you need to create a budget from your monthly salary slides and google sheets. The information on each of the following pages of the template will help you create your budget. You will definitely have to make some choices so get ready! 


Click here for the Google Slides you will need to complete


Google Spreadsheet must be filled in as you do research! 

Turn In Mental Illness Presentation

Click here to turn in Mental Illness Project

Mental Illness Project


Mental Illness Mini-Rearch project







Step 1:

YOU MAY Choose TO DO THIS PROJECT WITH A PARTNER OF INDIVIDUALLY. You will be assigned one of the of the mental illnesses listed from the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.


The following disorders are described in this Glossary:

1.Alcohol and Drug Abuse

2.Anorexia Nervosa


4.Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

5.Bipolar Disorder (Manic-Depression)

6.Bulimia Nervosa (Bulimia)

7.Conduct Disorder


9.Learning Disorders

10.Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

11.Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)




15.Tourette's Syndrome


Step 2


Create a Slide Presentation about your mental illness.

Click here to see a sample outline slide presentation




Step 3


YOU MUST USE AT LEAST TWO DIFFERENT WEBSITES and cite them on the works cited slide in your presentation.


Read about the illness and take notes about its symptoms, treatment, and resources for help at the following websites:


Mayo Clinic




American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry


Kids Health


American Psychiatric Association DSMV Development

(This is the Diagnostic Manual doctors use to diagnose a mental illness)


The National Institute of Mental Health


Various mental disorders:

Advocacy and various disorders: www.nami/org/ 


Bipolar disorder:

Panic disorder and anxiety disorders:


Adolescent mental illness:

Mental Illness in Workplace and School:

Mental Illness in parents:

History of mental illness in the USA:





Steps 4 Click here to turn in project



Step 5:

Practice presenting


Step 6

Present to your classmates

Click here to see grading criteria

Extra Credit


Donor's Choose is working with the Codecademy to encourage students to take a free, 15 hour on line course in Code.  Why learn to code?  In today's world, learning to code is as basic as learning reading, writing or math.  Still not sure why learning to code is worth your time?  Check out this video, Made with Code and the other videos (all made with Code!) on that page.  Still not convinced?  Read this article, Why Coding is a Big Deal. 

Once you decide you are ready to learn to code and change the world, follow these instructions:

1. Sign up through and complete the course by March 17, 2015.  

2. Make sure you select Kumar as your teacher on signup.

In addition to learning a skill that will set you apart from others, if you complete the course by March 17,  my class and our projects will earn $100 for each student who finishes the course and an additional $1,000 if 10 of you are females, Latino, and/or African American.

Let's do this! Let's learn to Code and Change the World!

teaching schedule: normal days
Monday, Tuesday & Friday
Period 0    7:10-8:05  Health
Period 1    8:15-9:13     Health
Period 2    9:20-10:18  Health
Period 3   10:40-11:45  Health
Period 4   11:52-12:50  Health
Lunch      12:50-1:20  Lunch
Period 5   1:27-2:25  Health
Period 6    2:32-3:30  Prep
teaching schedule: block days




Period 0 7:10-8:05  Health Period 0 7:10-8:05  Health

Period 1    8:15-10:00


Period 2   8:15-10:00


Period 3  10:22-12:14


Period 4  10:22 12:14


Lunch     12:14-12:44


Lunch     12:14-12:44


Period 5    12:51-2:36


Period 6  12:51-2:36


Smita Kumar
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