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Paula Cruz De Ibarra Locker


hhs expected school-wide learning results (eslrs)

The Hayward High community will develop students and graduates to be:

Focused learners
Analytical thinkers
Responsible and respectful citizens
Mindful collaborators
Effective communicators
Resourceful users of technology
Self-advocating individuals

Paula Cruz De Ibarra

A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind & touches a heart.

Learning another language opens a world to understanding others and ourselves.

Coming from a bilingual family, perfecting my native language took an important role in my life.  My degree in Spanish allowed me to perfect and use my home language in more challenging ways.  Now, as a teacher, my intent is to pass on my knowledge and passion of Spanish to my students in the hopes that they can become better prepared to deal with the ever changing dynamics of our community.  Learning and mastering another language is no longer just for pleasure, but a necessity.  My goal is to guide our students on their journey to becoming lifelong Spanish speakers.

teaching schedule: normal days
Monday, Tuesday, and Friday
 Period 1     8:15-9:13  Spanish III P Spanish III H 
 Period 2     9:20-10:18  Spanish I P
 Period 3     10:40-11:45  Spanish I P
 Period 4     11:52-12:50   Spanish IV P Spanish IV H 
 Lunch         12:50-1:20  Lunch
 Period 5     1:27-2:25  Spanish I P
 Period 6     2:32-3:30  


teaching schedule: block days
Wednesday            Thursday      
 Period 1    8:15-10:00  Spanish III P  Period 2   8:15-10:00  Spanish I P
 Period 3  10:22-12:14  Spanish IV H  Period 4  10:22 12:14  Spanish I P
 Lunch     12:14-12:44  Lunch  Lunch     12:14-12:44  Lunch
 Period 5    12:51-2:36  Spanish IV P  Period 6  12:51-2:36  Spanish III H 


Señora Ibarra
Spanish Teacher                                    Unknown-1.jpeg
Room: M-12
(510) 723-3170 Ext: 61280

The best way to contact me is by e-mail.

My husband and I in Spain with Viva Espana
A little about me...

At HHS, I'm part of: Spanish Department, Viva Espana club, book club

At HHS since: 2014

Teaching since: 2001

Undergraduate College(s): Cal State East Bay

Degree(s): Bachelor of Arts

Major(s): Spanish and Latin American Studies

Graduate College(s): Cal State East Bay

Degree(s): Multiple Subject Credential

Subjects Taught: Spanish

Other teacher credentials and degrees: Single Subject English, Single Subject Spanish

Previous schools where I taught: Bret Harte

Awards: Who's Who in America's Teachers

Born: Santiago, Chile

I grew up in: Castro Valley

I attended high school at: Castro Valley High School

City and State: Castro Valley, CA

Hobbies include: traveling, reading, playing the piano, crocheting

Favorite thing about HHS: My students

Favorite Quote: "It is important to remember that we all have magic inside us."