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The Hayward High community will develop students and graduates to be:

Focused learners

Analytical thinkers 

Responsible and respectful citizens

Mindful collaborators

Effective communicators  

Resourceful users of technology 

Self-advocating individuals

Taylor Boyce

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Well well well... you found me. 


This HHS website is nifty and all, but I use my OWN website to deliver content and provide information during our class meetings!

PLEASE take a look and go to:

*** Content / Agendas will be there! ***

Any updates to THIS page (here on HHS) will be mentioned via the "Echoing Returns" website! 


TEACHING SCHEDULE & course access
Period 1 prep  
Period 2 English 9  
Period 3 English 9 Shl  
Period 4 English 9  
Period 5 English 9  
Period 6 English 9  


Taylorious P. Boyce
English Teacher

Room M-6

Ext. 61274
(510) 723-3170

You need to speak to me? Right Now?

The best way is to EMAIL ME, if you're not on campus!

"" is ready!

Name: T.P. Boyce         

Undergraduate College(s):  University of California, Santa Cruz. (10' - 12' )  + Cabrillo College (07' - 10')

Degree(s): Baccalauréat of Arts (B.A.) (Cum Laude) + Associate of Arts (A.A.)

Major(s): U.S. History / African History  + Humanities

Graduate College(s): University of California, Santa Cruz

Degree(s): Master of Arts (M.A.) Education

Subjects Taught: English (9th and 10th grade) / US History (11th) / World History (10th) / US History (8th) 

At HHS, I'm part of: Building community between students, providing access to content that resonates with the current state of the world, and educating students for entry into the future of their choice.

At HHS since: 2016

Teaching since: 2013-14

Other teacher credentials and degrees: DUAL CERTIFIED Single Subject English /  Single Subject Social Studies

Previous school districts: Santa Cruz City Unified / Mt. Diablo Unified / San Leandro Unified / Hayward Unified

Awards: "Most Improved Penmanship" (13') / "Academic Achievement Aide" from A.V.I.D. Dept. (16-17')

Born: Santa Cruz, C.A.

I grew up in: Santa Cruz, C.A.

I attended high school at: Soquel High School in Santa Cruz C.A.

Hobbies include: Motorcycling, 4x4 Automobiles, Downhill Skateboarding, Camping, "pushing the envelope."

Favorite thing about HHS: The diverse nature of the classroom, and the unique skill-set of each student, the verdant sprawl of the campus, the autonomy each individual is afforded in the classroom, the community of the staff, and above all: The focus on student success! 

Favorite Quote: "Fortune Favors the Bold"