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The Hayward High community will develop students and graduates to be:

Focused learners

Analytical thinkers 

Responsible and respectful citizens

Mindful collaborators

Effective communicators  

Resourceful users of technology 

Self-advocating individuals

Olivia Higgins

Hello! I am a school counseling intern working under the supervision of Moises Olmos. Prior to returning to grad school, I was as an education consultant for Bay Area schools with a focus on equity and inclusion. I am thrilled to be new member of the HHS community. Go Farmers! Please reach out if I can be of any help.

Weekly Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
-- -- -- -- 8-3 PM

Olivia Higgins
Counseling department

Room F-5
Ext. 61257

Undergraduate College(s):  Temple University, Philadelphia

Degree(s): Bachelor of Science

Major(s): Early Childhood/Elementary Education

Graduate College(s): SMC, Moraga 

Degree(s): Working towards my Masters of Counseling, School Counseling

At HHS, I'm part of: The 9-12th grade counseling intern team. 

At HHS since: First year!

Other teacher credentials and degrees: Working towards my PPSC.

Previous schools where I taught:  PS 83 in New York

Born: Philly, PA

I grew up in: Philly!

I attended high school at: Central High School in Philly, which is the second oldest HS in the country!

Hobbies include: hiking, playing with my dog, spending time with my wife and our two teenagers

Favorite Quote: