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The Hayward High community will develop students and graduates to be:

Focused learners

Analytical thinkers 

Responsible and respectful citizens

Mindful collaborators

Effective communicators  

Resourceful users of technology 

Self-advocating individuals

Candace Nguyen

Hello hello! My name is Ms. Candace.

My goal is for all students to realize they are capable learners. I'm excited for my students to go on a journey with me to see the beauty and value in math beyond the conventional classroom.

For me, math is all about experimentation, collaboration, conjecture-making, and truth-seeking. It was quite the journey for me to realize it as a student who hated math back in high school. So, I hope for all my students to develop that sense of a growth mindset as we go through the year and learn to make as many mistakes as possible while asking questions.

Course Access

To access course content and assignments students can log in to their Google Classroom using their email.   

To view grades and attendance, students and parents can access the Infinite Campus Portal.

Period Course 
Period 1  Algebra P 11/12
Period 2 Algebra P 10
Period 3 Prep
Period 4  Algebra P 11/12
Period 5 Algebra P 10
Period 6  Algebra P 10


Candace Nguyen 

Room STEAM 102

Ext. 61702
(510) 723-3170

Degree(s): Bachelors, Masters

Undergraduate College(s): UC Davis    

Major(s): Mathematics

Graduate College(s): UC Berkeley

Subjects Taught: Algebra I

At HHS since: 2022

Previous schools where I taught: Coliseum College Prep Academy

Hobbies include: Taiko, piano, anime, manga, k-pop, k-drama, crocheting, nature, running, cooking, baking, video games, Studio Ghibli

Favorite thing about HHS:  Community